Converting a LOB W8.1 app to W10 – Day 2

Day 2 of the Big Port.

I’m continuing with a bunch of renames and namespace adjustments due to updates to some nuget packages. Prism has the most changes with some renames.

A quick overview of what I had to change for Prism
(Updated from Prism 1.1.1 to 6.1.0)
– “Microsoft.Practices.Prism” is now “Prism”
– VisualStateAwarePage seem to have been renamed to SessionStateAwarePage (it now lives in the namespace Prism.Windows.Mvvm)
– MvvmNavigatedEventArgs no longer exists, use NavigatingFromEventArgs and NavigatingToEventArgs instead (depending on the method).
– The base class “ViewModel” has been renamed to “BaseViewModel”
– IView no longer exists. (Use SessionStateAwarePage or Page instead)
– Prism.PubSubEvents can now be found in the namespace Prism.Events.

After all this, time to build it once more. Oh look at that, no more errors!
*Presses F5* Yea, that won’t run… forgot to convert the appxmanifest…

Microsoft provides some details to convert your appxmanifest from W8.1 to UWP here.

After that was done: F5… *oh this is exciting* … It runs!

But: now the real stuff starts. Getting everything to do its intended behaviour again. Right after starting the app, I’m prompted to login (we use OAuth to login to an Azure Active Directory). But that gives an error. I think the ClientId has been changed.

Will update when I know more.
When this is working, the next step would be to make sure all xaml looks nice. Some templates will have to be updated to the UWP-version, and since we no longer have an appbar, we’re going to place some command bars.