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34 and a long time dev. I’m mostly occupied with all things .NET and gaming related. I’m currently working for Calidos, where I work as the CTO. I'm managing a small team and focussing on growing the value for our 3 main products for Healthcare.

Solving Xaml Internal Error error WMC9999

There I was, just devving along, when I hit F5 and this error pops up: C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft\WindowsXaml\v14.0\8.2\Microsoft.Windows.UI.Xaml.Common.targets(264,5): Xaml Internal Error error WMC9999: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. What does that even mean? Google shows me a variety of things that may cause this. But none of them helped me. …

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TFS build not restoring/finding some nuget packages?

Apparently, when you’re using some shared project with Nuget packages, it is possible that TFS build will throw some errors at you saying that he can’t find all/some of the packages. (When inspecting the build logs, you will see the warning MSB3245 “Could not resolve this reference”. When adding packages to a project, the csproj …

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Converting a LOB W8.1 app to W10 – Part 4

And we’re back with more changes between W10 and W8.1 apps. ‘Random’ error I’m getting a series of ‘random’ crashes on one of our screens. One of the errors I’m seeing is some rubbish about an error 0xC0000602 in Windows.UI.Xaml. I’ve read that this error could be occuring from IValueConverters that returned an incorrect value. …

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W10: Getting a grouped variable sized GridView to do what its supposed to do.

Got a GridView with a VariableSizedWrapGrid and groups? Want it working on W10/UWP? Yea, that doesn’t quite work out of the box now does it… Took me a bit, but was able to get it to do its job. Getting a GridView up and running with some groups in an uniform grid is definitely possible …

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Converting a LOB W8.1 app to W10 – Part 3

Time for more work on getting our LOB app converted to an UWP. First thing we needed to do in order to get everything to work again was adding the various build configurations again. When migrating the projects, these were lost. (I had to add them anyways to the new PCL’s, which were created from …

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Converting a LOB W8.1 app to W10 – Day 2

Day 2 of the Big Port. I’m continuing with a bunch of renames and namespace adjustments due to updates to some nuget packages. Prism has the most changes with some renames. A quick overview of what I had to change for Prism (Updated from Prism 1.1.1 to 6.1.0) Namespaces: – “Microsoft.Practices.Prism” is now “Prism” – …

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Converting a LOB W8.1 app to W10 – Day 1

Alrighty, a great task has befallen upon me. It’s time to upgrade our W8.1 enterprise app to run nativly on W10! We’ll see how many steps we’ll need for this as we go along the migration. But here’s step 1! Setup 1. I’ve just upgraded my work pc to W10 with a fresh install of …

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Home-automation: setting myself up

Hi all, I’m currently working on a home automation project that will do the following things: Monitor the grounds humidity for several plants and automatically water them if needed. Each plant/group of plants can be set to require a different amount of water. Measure the temperature in each room of the appartment Control the Central …

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Hello world, Welcome to my blog, took me a while to start one but here it is.